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Online Video Awards: Competition Terms & Conditions

Competition Terms & Conditions

The Online Video Awards Australia (“Awards”) are run by Screen Queensland (“Screen Queensland”) and ScreenClass Pty Ltd (“Screen Class”). Screen Queensland and ScreenClass being jointly and severally “we” or “us”.

By entering the Awards you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use of the website (“the Site”), and the Privacy Policy for the Site currently found at

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be an event open to the public and held in Brisbane on the 18th May 2017. Tickets will be available to the event.


Entries means any audiovisual work or cinematograph film submitted for an Award by a user and includes the text of the Entry form and images accompanying the work.All Entries for the Awards must be submitted for consideration not later than 5pm on the 20th March 2017 (”Closing Date”) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Entries received after the Closing Date or Entries that do not comply with the conditions outlined in these Terms of Use will not be considered for the Awards.Entries must be submitted online and may be submitted by the following methods:Embeddable video playerText as part of the project upload process. Note: No attachments are permitted.If you are unable to submit using any of these methods or formats, we may consent to you submitting the Entry via an alternative method at our sole discretion.Each Entry may be submitted for more than one Award Category (as set out below).All Entries shall be submitted with a completed online Entry Form located at www.ovas.tvMultiple Award categories may be submitted with each Entry Form, however each Entry Form shall be subject to an administration fee payable upon submission of the Entry Form. User Name and Password

You will need to set up a username and password in order to submit an Entry. This username and password is necessary so that you can access and use the functions of the Site and upload Entries to the Site, and also so that you can find, edit and save Entries within the Site.Your password is private and should not be revealed to any third person. It should be stored in a safe place where you can access it if you forget it.


The Award Categories are:

Comedy (Series or One-off)

Drama (Series or One-off)

Non Fiction (Series or One-off)Channel

Animation (Series or One-off)

Kids (Series or One-off)

Music Video

Vlog/Personality Driven Series



Tertiary Student Production

Innovation Awards - nomination only

Best New Talent - nomination only

Best Overall - chosen by extra round of judging from winners in other categories

Entry Eligibility

To be eligible for the Awards:

you must be 16 years of age or older as at the date of submission of the Entry, and if you are under 18 years of age you must have the consent of your parent/s or guardian/s to submitting the Entry; and to submit an Entry you must have the consent of all parties whose consent is required, including where applicable, any producers or copyright owners;where an Entry is a series you may submit one episode of the series for consideration; the Entry must contain credits for all relevant parties who contributed to the Entry, and where applicable, must have a credit for any party nominated for an Award; the Entry must have completed production on or before the Closing Date.

You must nominate which Award Categories you are submitting the Entry for Provided That we shall have the right, in our sole discretion, to determine the appropriate Category for an Entry and to override your selection of Award Category/s.


Judges will be selected from industry professionals.

Judging will be based on the Judges own judgement based on industry experience and expertise.

The process for judging will be in three stages:

Stage One

Pre-selection: Representative of the partners will view all Entries and pre-select Entries as shortlisted for each Category (other than Best Overall, Innovation) to go through to Stage Two.

Stage Two

Finalists: Judges will vote on the pre-selected in each Category. The 3 Entries in each Category (other than Best Overall) with the most points will go through to

Stage Three as Finalists.

Finalists will be notified prior to the Awards Ceremony and will receive two tickets to the Awards Ceremony.

All expenses associated with getting to the Awards Ceremony are at your cost.

Stage Three

Winner: The winner and runners-up in each Category will be the Entries with the most number of points from Stage Two and will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

In the event of a tie, those Entries will be named as joint winners. Awards will be presented to the individuals named in the submission and not corporate entities.

The winner of the Best Overall Award will be chosen by the Judges from the winners of each of the other Categories, and announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Our decision and the decision of the Judges shall be final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the result.

We retain a general right of discretion in all matters relating to the Awards.

Prizes and Awards

Where any Award includes a cash prize or prize other than a statue, the recipient will comply with any terms and conditions attached to that Award as a condition of acceptance. Terms and conditions of any Award will be notified to an Award recipient before such Award is presented to that recipient.

Warranties Regarding Entries

In submitting an Entry for the Awards you warrant and undertake to us that:

you comply with all the Eligibility Criteria; you have read and understood these Term and Conditions, and the Terms of Use of the Site; you have the unrestricted and irrevocable right to submit the Entry to the Awards;all information provided to us by you in respect of an Entry is accurate in all material respects;the Entry will not contain any material which is actionable for obscenity or defamation or which breaches another person’s copyright or is capable of being the subject of enforceable legal claims which may impede our exercise of the rights granted by you to us under these Terms and Conditions;the Entry is not the subject of any claim or dispute, and you will immediately notify us of any dispute or claim, including without limitation any action, procedure or demand (actual or threatened) against you in respect of the Entry;you have obtained and paid for all necessary consents, licences and clearances relating to the Entry to enable the submission of the Entry for the Awards and the use by us of the Entry in accordance with these Terms and will not remove the Entry from the Site after the Closing Date.We will rely on the information provided by you to us in submitting an Entry, and we shall not be required to make any further inquiries about or verification of such information.You indemnify us against any loss or damage resulting from inaccurate, misleading or false information, including by omission, or a breach of any of the undertakings or warranties given by you above.Our Rights and PowersBy submitting an Entry you grant us a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, unconditional and irrevocable licence, from the Awards entry date for the current year for the subsequent 12 months, to:

place a link to your entry video(s) (as displayed on a publicly accessible platform eg YouTube, Vimeo) on the OVAs site
to screen the Entry or extracts from the Entry at the Awards Ceremony;
to use the Entry and extracts from the Entry to promote and publicise Screen Queensland and/or Screen Class;
to use your name and the name of the other producers/copyright owners of the Entry, and the Entry and extracts from the Entry for the publicity, advertising and promotion of the Awards;to publicise the Entry by any means we think necessary.

Where your Entry is selected as a finalist in the Awards you authorise us to download the Entry for the purposes outlined above.
For the avoidance of doubt, copyright and all other rights not granted to use by you are expressly reserved to you.

      We reserve the right to:

      -determine in our sole discretion whether an Entry is eligible for the Awards in accordance with these Terms and Conditions

      -reject or disqualify any Entry not complying with these Terms and Conditions

      - reject any Entry which in our sole discretion we believe is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, discriminatory, libellous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, ethnically or racially offensive or capable or violating any law or otherwise encouraging behaviour which would be considered a criminal offence.pre-screen Entries at our discretion;

      - select Judges in our sole discretion;exercise a casting vote if any of the Entries are tied during any Stage of the judging process;

      - decline to give an Award in any Category or to merge two or more Categories, where, in our sole discretion, the number of quality of Entries does not justify the giving of an Award in that Category/s;

      -withdraw an Award where it is shown that the Entry did not meet these Terms and Conditions.Where an Entry is disqualified after being selected as a Finalist but prior to final judging, we reserve the right to include the next Entry in that Category as a finalist.

      Our decision, including the decision of the Judges, in respect of the Entries chosen as pre-selected, finalists or winners, will be final.

      We will not, and the Judges will not, enter into any dispute between any parties in relation to an Entry, and in the event any Entry is in dispute we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove the Entry from the judging process at any stage prior to the announcement of the winner.

      You acknowledge that when you make an Entry you are allowing all members of the public to access that Entry via the Site, this can include access to the Entries from search engines and by means that are outside of simply visiting the Site.

      You acknowledge that we have no control over this. You also acknowledge that the Site is available worldwide and warrant and undertake that you have no agreements with third parties which would be infringed by this.You acknowledge that any area of the Site that offers an opportunity for users to upload Entries for viewing by other users, is for public and not private communications. You remain responsible for all Entries uploaded by you, and the consequences of the same. We are not responsible for any information uploaded by third parties, and do not endorse any such information. Use of such information by you is at your own risk.

      You acknowledge that Entries may be shared by users of the Site with other sites and apps including without limitation, Facebook and Twitter and that the terms and conditions of those sites or apps will then apply to the use of the Entries

      .We have no obligation to display Entries and we have no obligation whatsoever to compensate you for any use of the Entries.

      If you have concerns or questions regarding the Awards or these Terms and Conditions, please contact us by email: